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David Hernández Falagán

Teaching staff at EPSEB during the current academic year:

García Sanmartín, Guayente
Graus Rovira, Ramon
Hernández Falagán, David
Navarro González, Ruben
Navas Ferrer, Teresa
Reboredo Raposo, Antonio
Rossello Nicolau, Maribel
Sanmarti Martinez, Claudia

Subjects taught during the current academic year:

310749Architecture and Construction of the House. History and Heritage Values for RehabilitationATE19OPT
310711Architecture, Construction and the City in Western HistoryATE191B
310400Engineering in the Architecture of the 20th and 21st CenturyMUCAEOBL
310180Historical-Arquitectonical-Constructive Analysis in Existing BuildingsMUDIATECOBL
310188Intervention ProjectMUDIATECOBL
310404Introduction to Renovations of Existing BuildingMUCAEOBL
310706Workshop 1: Learning From Traditional ConstructionATE191A
310730Workshop 5: DiagnosisATE193A
310739Workshop 7: RehabilitationATE194A