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International relations

The Barcelona School of Building Construction (EPSEB)

EPSEB has a long history of professional training in the building world since it was separated from the School of Architecture in 1954.

EPSEB puts its scientific and technological infrastructure to the service of students, teaching and research staff, professionals, companies and institutions with all types of services and guarantees that teaching and learning tasks take place in the best possible environment.

These infrastuctures include a library, a student services office, computing services, a job pool, materials and quality control laboratory, safety and prevention laboratory, a fire laboratory, and laboratories for physics, photogrammetry, cartography, installations, building, topography and audiovisual research. EPSEB also hosts the Architectural Heritage Workshop, the Gaudí Workshop and the Archive of Architectural Heritage of Catalonia, and has a photocopying service and cafeteria.

The School allows you to gain a solid theoretical and practical training through paid work placements or interships offered by an active job pool, in which over 50% of its students have participated. The bachelor's theses are another opportunity to obtain practical experience.

EPSEB allows you to gain international experience thanks to cooperative agreements with universities in Great Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, etc. EPSEB also supports exchanges with universities in Latin America and has signed Sicue Seneca agreements with Spaininsh universities and also with topographical engineering schools.

The Sports Club, the Student Delegation, Land Surveyors Without Borders, Technical Architects Without Borders, the EPSEB Cultural Association, and the theatre group "La Coquera" are just some of the School's recreational, sports and cooperative associations that offer you the opportunity to enjoy a rich and active university experience. A wide range of cultural activities are also organised, such as exhibitions, seminars, bachelor's thesis contests, photography and relief model contests, an end-of-year party, film sessions and cultural tours.

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