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Administration and support (UTGAEB)

Barcelona Building Construction Management and Support Unit

The Barcelona Building Construction Management and Support Unit provides support and services to the academic units and users that carry out teaching, research and knowledge transfer at the EPSEB.

Here, you can see the different areas of the UTG and the serveices that each of them manages, in addition to the contact details and opening hours for users.



Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Planning and Management Area (academic secretary’s office)

Head of the Area: Carme López Àrboles


  • Eugènia Argerich Sabaté
  • Olga Elias Martí
  • Marta Farré Nicolau
  • Ana Juan Hernández
  • Joan Ramon Quintana Puigbò
  • Elena Isabel Rivero Pacheco
  • pending competition

Services of the area

  • Front office and procedures management
  • Academic planning
  • Admission to the studies
  • Exchange mobility

Contact details

Resource and Service Management and Research and Results Transfer Management Support Area

Head of the Area: Amalia Guirola Carballar


  • Ignasi Andújar Flores
  • Maria Ferrés Redondo
  • Lourdes Puerta Sánchez

Reception/auxiliary services

  • Laura Casugas Huergo (Head of reception)
  • Alicia Correa Cano (Person in charge in the afternoons)
  • Rosa Maria Feijoo Carballada

Services of the area

  • Resource and economic management
  • Management of internships in companies
  • Research management and transfer of results
  • Reception (document in Spanish)

Contact details

Information and communications technology (ICT) Services

Head of the Area: Silvia Torres Cobas


  • Jordi Gallifa Calatayud
  • Cristina Morales Esteban
  • Jordi Solé Esteve
  • pending competition

Services of the area

  • ICT support

      To teaching
      To research
      To university management
      To users

  • Computer classrooms

Contact details



Institutional Support and External Relations Area

Head of the Area: M. Carmen Asensio Castell


  • Chantal Alastruey Martin
  • Esther Cantos Borràs
  • María Antonia Gómez Zueco

Director's secretarySonia Betalú Ramirez

Services of the area

  • Strategic planning
  • Advertisement of the studies and activities for future students
  • Institutional communication and external projection
  • Coordination of institutional events
  • Quality
  • Support to governing bodies
  • Secretary of direction
Contact details

Laboratory Support

  • Building Construction Laboratory: Verónica Royano Garcia
  • Fire Laboratory: Alina Avellaneda López
  • Materials Laboratory:
    • Marc Tous Coll
    • pending competition

Services of the area 

  • Building Construction Laboratory
  • Fire Laboratory
  • Materials Laboratory
Contact details