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Physics departmental section

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Head of section

Laureano Ramirez de La Piscina Millan

Teaching staff at EPSEB during the current academic year:

Alonso Muñoz, Sergio
Alvarez Chaia, Julian
Auguet Sangra, Carlota E.
Berigüete Alcántara, Fanny Esther
Echebarria Dominguez, Blas
Falques Serra, Albert
Gutiérrez Antuñano, Miguel Angel
Lorente Espin, Oscar
Marques Truyol, Francisco
Martí Muñoz, Jordi
Moreno Chamarro, Eduardo
Perea Ibáñez, Maria Luisa
Ramirez de La Piscina Millan, Laureano
Rodriguez Cantalapiedra, Inmaculada
Tauste Campo, Adrian Francisco
Vásquez Paredes, Rodrigo

Subjects taught during the current academic year:

310184Energy Efficiency in RehabilitationMUDIATECOBL
310401Physical Phenomena in Building ConstructionMUCAEOBL
310413Environmental and Architectural AcousticsMUCAEOPT
310424Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergiesMUCAEOPT
310609Electromagnetism and OpticsEGG1B
310620Physical GeodesyEGG2B
310706Workshop 1: Learning From Traditional ConstructionATE191A
310707Installations Physics and Energy EfficiencyATE191B
310730Workshop 5: DiagnosisATE193A
310743Architectural LightingATE19OPT
310764Artificial Intelligence in ConstructionATE19OPT
310765Building AcousticsATE19OPT