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Mathematics departmental section

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Head of section

Maria Montserrat Bruguera Padro

Teaching staff at EPSEB during the current academic year:

Andreu Barrieras, Miguel Angel
Aroca Farrerons, Josep Maria
Bruguera Padro, Maria Montserrat
Guillamon Grabolosa, Antoni
Mir García, Pau
Pantazi, Chara
Rodriguez Jordana, Juan
Serrat Pie, Carles
Soler Sagarra, Joaquim
Tuset Serra, Lluís

Subjects taught during the current academic year:

310405Prediction Models in Building ConstructionMUCAEOBL
310510Statistics Applied to Making DecisionsMUGEOPT
310607Mathematical MethodsEGG1B
310610Observation Adjustment in GeomaticsEGG2A
310701Mathematical FundamentalsATE191A
310706Workshop 1: Learning From Traditional ConstructionATE191A
310712Workshop 2: Concept Modeling (Bim)ATE191B
310713Applied StatisticsATE192A
31074821st Century Buildings: a Case Study for Finite Elements and DurabilityATE19OPT
310764Artificial Intelligence in ConstructionATE19OPT