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Mathematics departmental section

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Head of section

Maria Montserrat Bruguera Padro

Teaching staff at EPSEB during the current academic year:

Bruguera Padro, Maria Montserrat
Delshams I Valdes, Amadeu
Guillamon Grabolosa, Antoni
Pantazi, Chara
Rodriguez Jordana, Juan
Serrat Pie, Carles
Soler Sagarra, Joaquim
Tuset Serra, Lluís

Subjects taught during the current academic year:

310405Prediction Models in Building ConstructionMUCAEOBL
310510Statistics Applied to Making DecisionsMUGEOPT
310607Mathematical MethodsEGG1B
310610Observation Adjustment in GeomaticsEGG2A
310701Mathematical FundamentalsATE191A
310706Workshop 1: Learning From Traditional ConstructionATE191A
310712Workshop 2: Concept Modeling (Bim)ATE191B
310713Applied StatisticsATE192A
31074821st Century Buildings: a Case Study for Finite Elements and DurabilityATE19OPT
310764Artificial Intelligence in ConstructionATE19OPT