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Academic coordinator

Albert Prades Valls

Teaching staff at EPSEB during the current academic year:

Altomare, Corrado
Berga Roda, Gloria
Buill Pozuelo, Felipe
Gili Ripoll, Jose Antonio
Gonzalez Gonzalez, Juan Carlos
Gracia Gomez, Carlos
Gönen, Semih
Lopez Bravo, Rogelio
Miro Recasens, Jose Rodrigo
Moya Sanchez, Jose
Muñoz Capilla, Francisco Javier
Nuñez Andres, M. Amparo
Pallàs Del Río, Jordi
Prades Valls, Albert
Puig Polo, Càrol
Quiroga Pérez, Alejandro
Sanyer Matias, Xavier
Sanz Conde, M. Mercedes
Taberna Torres, Merce

Subjects taught during the current academic year:

3106293D Data ProcessingEGG3B
310635Bigdata for GeoservicesEGG4A
310602Computer Assisted DesignEGG1A
310614Digital CartographyEGG2A
310625Digital Image ProcessingEGG3A
310624Digital PhotogrammetryEGG3A
310643Expert ReportsEGGOPT
310613Fundamentals of Civil EngineeringEGG2A
310603Geographic Information and CartographyEGG1A
310618Geographic Information SystemsEGG2B
310508Geographic Information Systems Applied to Urban Planning and Building (Gis and Bim)MUGEOPT
310645Geoinformation Sensors and Capture SystemsEGGOPT
310636Geomatic ProjectsEGG4A
310612Geometric GeodesyEGG2A
310623Geoservices: Design and ImplementationEGG3A
310617Gis DatabasesEGG2B
310639Gis Project Design and ManagementEGGOPT
310619Global Satellite Positioning SystemsEGG2B
310181Graphic Survey of the Existing BuildingMUDIATECOBL
310641High-Precision Processing of Gnss DataEGGOPT
310404Introduction to Renovations of Existing BuildingMUCAEOBL
310611Mathematical CartographyEGG2A
310621Network Design, Observation and AdjustmentEGG3A
310634Non-Conventional SurveysEGG4A
310620Physical GeodesyEGG2B
310622Remote SensingEGG3A
310638Remote Sensing ProjectEGGOPT
310732Site Organization and PlanningATE193B
310633Spatial Data InfrastructureEGG4A
310631Spatial DatabasesEGG3B
310628Surveying in Civil EngineeringEGG3B
310608Surveying Instruments and MethodsEGG1B
310640Terrestrial and Uav PhotogrammetryEGGOPT
310630Urbanism and Regional PlanningEGG3B
310739Workshop 7: RehabilitationATE194A