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Gustavo De Gispert Irigoyen

Teaching staff at EPSEB during the current academic year:

Besne Yanguas, Alia
Esquinas Dessy, Jesus
Falgueras Bosch, Jordi
Garcia Rodriguez, Francisco Javier
Gispert Irigoyen, Gustavo De
Gordillo Bel, Didac
López Espinosa, Alberto José
Mon Taillant, Pedro
Puig Costa, Janina
Sarro Garcia, Pedro
Valverde Bros, Manuel
Xiqués Triquell, Jordi

Subjects taught during the current academic year:

310426Advanced 3D Modeling for Construction ProcessesMUCAEOPT
310731Advanced Technics in Graphical ExpressionATE193B
310708Architectural DrawingATE191B
310760Change of Use of BuildingATE19OPT
310719Construction Surveys and LayoutsATE192B
310747Gaudí & Art Noveau (Gaudi, Modernism, Noucentisme)ATE19OPT
310508Geographic Information Systems Applied to Urban Planning and Building (Gis and Bim)MUGEOPT
310181Graphic Survey of the Existing BuildingMUDIATECOBL
310758Interior Design ProjectATE19OPT
310188Intervention ProjectMUDIATECOBL
310703Introduction to Architectural DrawingATE191A
310759Sketching Bonds and SurfacesATE19OPT
310746Virtual Representation of Bim Models and Equity SurveysATE19OPT
310706Workshop 1: Learning From Traditional ConstructionATE191A
310712Workshop 2: Concept Modeling (Bim)ATE191B
310724Workshop 4: Building AnalysisATE192B
310730Workshop 5: DiagnosisATE193A
310735Workshop 6: Management IIATE193B
310739Workshop 7: RehabilitationATE194A
310740Workshop 8: ProjectsATE194A
310741Workshop 9: Final ModelATE194B