Workshop of Topographic Instruments

It is the service structure of the practices of all the subjects of the teaching of the Degree in Engineering in Geoinformation and Geomatics. They are users of these services practically all students and teachers of the teachings, from the initial subjects to the Final Grade Work. It is also used in a specific way in practices of the teaching of the Degree of Sciences and Technologies of the Building and collaborates in Topography Workshops directed to students of baccalaureate.

For the development of the practices the workshop has the following material: 20 optical-mechanical theodolites, 15 levels (line and automatic), 25 total stations, 4 GPS receivers, 1 computer for the dump and first treatment of data collection , 20 measuring tapes and the accessories corresponding to said material.

Research director: M. Amparo Núñez Andrés 
Activity type: D1-T