Laboratory of Installations

The Laboratory of Installations has a range of expositors with material and components of installations of plumbing, gas, fire, electricity and heating-air conditioning.

In this Laboratory are developed, during a scholar course, a system of practices of reduced groups.

It aims to enhance this practices because they are the tests previous to the real work. The selection of the practices is constrained because of the availability of the laboratory, and because of contributions of more means, by commercial companies with which contact has been established in order to have material that, technologically, can be adapted to the existent reality in the works.

The finality of this practices is that the student know and identify the different materials with which can be fabricated all kind of pieces involved in the installations, recognizing the variety of accessories and placing them correctly within a facility; to familiarize with the elements, with its application and operation, and if it’s possible, expose them using small installations assemblies in scale 1:1 so that they can feel and see how they work, which it is not always possible.

Research director: Joan Tarragona Roig
Tel.: (+34) 93 401 62 39 
Activity type: D1