Laboratory of Ergonomics, Biomechanics and Prevention

The Laboratory of Ergonomics, Biomechanics and Prevention has been created thinking in showing the students the material against fire and the equipment of personal protection as an indispensable complement of the theoretical explanations developed in the different subjects.

The law of prevention of working risks of the 1995 relative to the application of measures to encourage the improvement in the safety and health of workers, indicates that prevention services should be interdisciplinary and must be able to provide the company the advice and the support that it needs depending the king of risks there.

The students of the school –future professionals- should become familiar with the different models of equipment of individual protection and of fire protection existing in the market.

The laboratory has different models of security helmets, panoramic glasses, earplugs, different types of masks, security shoes which give an idea of the different EPI’s that exist in the current market.

The Prevention Laboratory is formed by an equip of professors of the UPC, multidisciplinary and that complements the theoretical classes taught in the subject Occupational Risks Prevention, and the practices related with the Teaching guide. The laboratory is open for consultancies and for the use of the material of the EPSEB that is in it.

Research director: Jaume Guixà Mora
Tel.: (+34) 93 401 62 78 
Activity type: D1-D2