Laboratories and workshops

The EPSEB has the Service Units designed to support the academic activities, research and of transference of technology of the linked professors to the EPSEB, and the activities developed by the laboratories and workshops can be of different types:

    • Teaching 1 (D1): Has as objective to complement the formative activities, of practical kind, of the subjects of the Degree and Master that requires spaces and equipment different from the informatics classrooms and the library. The formative activity should be reflected and quantized in the academic file of the subject, and it has to be part of the evaluation system. 
    • Teaching 2 (D2): Includes activities with the developments of FDP and FMP of experimental type that require the use of the equipment of these unities.
    • Investigation (R): Has as objective the support in the research development, such as planned in the UPC
    • Transference of Technologies (T): Has as objective the support in the development of collaborating works with people, business, entities or private institutions, public or professional societies. This activities has to be validated for the CTT.

The current unities at the moment are:

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