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Professional opportunities and work placements

Work placements

Work placements must take place in a prevention service or research centre in the field of occupational health and safety. They give students practical experience of the subject and its application in the labour market and business world. It is a long-term activity (of at least 360 hours) in which students produce a piece of work in a professional setting that focuses on an area of specialisation in occupational health and safety (safety, hygiene, ergonomics-psychosociology).

List of companies participating in work placements for the master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety
List of potential companies at which students on the master’s degree can do work placements


Professional opportunities

Graduates of this master’s degree course will be experts able to work as technical staff with high-level workplace risk prevention functions. It should be remembered that, since 1995, the Prevention Law 31/1995 and Royal Decree 39/1997 make it obligatory for companies to have preventive resources organised as internal or external health and safety services, which must consist of qualified technical staff.