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When you arrive

If you have been admitted for a mobility stay at the EPSEB, when you arrive you must submit the following original documents to the school's Bachelor's and Master's Degree Planning and Management Area (academic secretary's office) a few days before classes start:

Once all these documents have been checked, you can attend classes during the first week before definitively enrolling to ensure that the subjects in your preliminary learning agreement are the most suitable.

Once you have decided and enrolled for the subjects you will be taking during the mobility, you must submit two originals of the learning agreement that have been filled in and signed by you and the mobility coordinator at your home university.

As a mobility student you are obliged to enrol for the subjects detailed in the learning agreement before the deadline set by the School. You will not have to pay enrolment fees at the EPSEB if there is a current agreement between your home university and our school.

The EPSEB will hold a welcome session at the beginning of each semester: mid-September for the first semester and mid-February for the second semester. The exact dates will be sent to attendees by e-mail a few days in advance. Attendance is compulsory.