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Depositing your thesis

If you have finished your thesis, you just need to submit it.

Consult the thesis defence calendars, which will tell you the exact dates on which you can do this.

You must upload the full text of the thesis in the proposals application, in the final text of the thesis section. Keep in mind that it must be one PDF file that is no larger than 200 MB. Also, if you want to add some appendices (plans, supplementary material, etc.) you must append them to the PDF file of the thesis; keep in mind that you won't be able to append them afterwards or as a separate file. Here you'll find how to merge multiple documents with PDFCreator (download file).

Your thesis supervisor will validate the file and draw up a final report. Then you will only have to wait for the day of the thesis defence, which will be published on this website and also notified by personal e-mail to each student, along with all the relevant instructions for the defence. If the bachelor’s thesis or master's thesis has not been validated it cannot be defended.