Choosing the topic

What you first need to be clear about is what topic you want to write your thesis on.

Depending on what you choose, you will need to approach the department or departmental section that is most involved in the topic to find a professor who can supervise you.

There is also a list of topics proposed by the departments and departmental sections that you can consult here.

Section 2.4.5 of the Academic Regulations for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees states that bachelor's and master's theses must be enrolled at the start of the semester or in another period depending on the type of proposal.

Below you will find details on each type and the deadlines for registering the proposal and enrolling the thesis:



B-Work placement (a supervisor at the company is also required)

  • Students on the interuniversity master's degree in Occupational Health and Safety will only have the option of selecting the A-Centre option; they will not be able to take the practicum option for the master's thesis given that the curriculum includes a compulsory external placement.