Grey room

(Room located on the ground floor of the school)

Access conditions

    • This space is restricted, only for students of EPSEB and school staff.
    • Opening hours: from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    • The places of study are limited (35 places)
    • Occasionally, this room may be reserved by the center's management. In this case, you will be informed at  the entrance to the room.

Use of the facilities

All the users have the obligation to respect others users as well as the equipment and facilities that are made available to them.

    • The multipurpose space is an space reserved to study, individually or in groups, in which it is allowed to speak without disturbing.
    • The furniture arrangement can be modified to facilitate group study.
    • CAN'T eat (other spaces in the building are qualified for this purpose).
    • CAN'T drink, with the expection of water.
    • Waste containers must be used for paper and packaging correctly.

The use of this space means that the rules of use are known and accepted.