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Homologation of foreign degrees (combined exam)

Preliminary information

The homologation of a foreign degree is the recognition in Spain of the academic validity of the foreign degree. The Ministry of Education is in charge of homologation.

The resolution of the application may require the applicant to take bridging courses. Bridging courses must be taken once the resolution is issued, in order to equate the two degrees. The bridging courses must be passed for the homologation process to continue.

If you have a definitive resolution from the Ministry, you must approach any Spanish university that teaches the Spanish degree that corresponds with yours. You do not have to inform the Ministry of the university you choose.


Students must submit their filled in and signed application form at the academic secretary's office of the School and attach the Ministry's resolution stating the subjects in which the student is perceived to be lacking.



Students must collect the resolution stating which subjects they must take from the academic secretary's office at the School.



At the start of the semester students will need to enrol for those subjects and, once they have passed them, they can request a certificate attesting to this fact.

This certificate will have to be submitted to the Ministry to continue the homologation process.