Workshop of Cartography and Remote Sensing

The Workshop of Cartography and Remote Senging was created with a strictly educational vocation. Equipped with stations with a commercial software for the cartographic generation, systems of geographic information and remote sensing, it has been during many years a space where the students have been able to develop their respective final degree projects.

Parallel, through the last 10 years, also have been managed many final degree projects consistent in programming, in a low level, algorithms of different kinds related, definitely, with the obtaining metric information (photogrammetric methods) and qualitative (remote sensing).

One of the objectives of the Workshop is to manage the efforts to the development of the photogrammetric methods to the obtaining of tridimensional models of little objects, as well as bigger objects that can be useful for industrial applications and architecture, among others.

Currently, part of the personnel linked to the Workshop is participating in the research project "Caracterización y modelización de desprendimientos rocosos (RockModels)" funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain through the corresponding grants to the State Program for Research Promotion Scientific and Technical of Excellence, State Subprogram for the Generation of Knowledge, in the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2016-2019 with reference code BIA2016-75668-P.

Research director: Albert Prades i Valls
Tel.: (+34) 93 401 72 50 
Activity type: R