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Observatory of Entrepreneurship and Happiness

Who are we?

We are a space created within the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Edificación de Barcelona (EPSEB),  the construction and engineering school of the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) for the development, motivation and promotion of entrepreneurship and happiness in the university and business worlds.


There are three elements that define us:


What do we do about entrepreneurship and happiness?

The core area will be investigation.

  • Continuous search for studies and scientific articles.
  • Creating new lines of research and/or studies.
  • Fieldwork linked to end-of-degree projects and doctoral thesis.
  • Elaborating articles and scientific or pseudoscientific studies.
  • Disseminating and sharing through: websites and social media.
  • Promoting and developing activities and events the motivation of entrepreneurship and happiness at university.

Where do we focus our efforts?

We will work on the happiness of people and organizations, from different areas and perspectives.

Our goal is to improve the following areas:

  • Coexistence and teamwork.
  • Recognition and self-esteem.
  • Relationship with nature and healthy activities.
  • Creativity and innovation.

Collaboration and agreements

We have the will to look for, boost and develop agreements with the civilian and business society.

Current agreements:

  • World Happiness Summit (Miami)
  • Sant Andreu de Llavaneres’ City Council
  • Fundació Aymar i Puig. Serveis assistencials
  • Gerontorioja, S.L. Assistance services)

Ongoing projects

These are the different projects that we are currently developing:


  • Happiness management model in gerontological centers.
  • Llavaneres, a friendly town to the elderly.
  • Emotional competences with socio-health professionals.


  • A happy EPSEB.


  • School for entrepreneurs
Research director: Jordi Vilajosana Crusells
Research coordinator: Dtor. Juan Antonio Torrents