Centre of Geometry and Dynamical Systems

This Centre is associated to the Section of Mathematics-EPSEB at the Department of Mathematics UPC

General Objectives:

To strengthen the collaboration between Dynamical Systems group, SD, and the geometry group, GEOMVAP. Both groups have a long history. The groups are financed by MTM, SGR and recently began work on a collaborative project.

Dynamical Systems SD
Geometry GEOMVAP

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Research Objectives:

  • In-depth study of the problem of the three-body problem and restricted versions using techniques of dynamical systems and symplectic and Poisson geometry (b-symplectic varieties).
  • Study of periodic orbits of the system using techniques from symplectic topology.
  • Improve the results of KAM theory for systems with problems arising from mechanical constraints (for instance the study of collisions in the three body problem). KAM theory is associated with the study of perturbations of a dynamical system.
  • Studying the problems of the integrability of Poisson varieties and singular symplectic varieties motivated by problems in celestial mechanics.

Conferences recently organised by the group:

Members of the Centre

Amadeu Delshams
Marcel Guàrdia
Eva Miranda

PostDoc Students:
Alfonso Giuseppe Tortorella (Juan de la Cierva Contract)

Doctoral students:
Roisin Braddell
Cédric Oms
Arnau Planas
Rodrigo Schaefer
Robert Cardona (FPI contract-BGSMath)
Anastasia Matveeva (La Caixa INPhINIT contract-BGSMath)

External Members:
David Martínez-Torres (PUC Rio de Janeiro)
Francisco Presas (ICMAT, Madrid)
Jacques Féjoz (Observatoire de Paris)

Anna Gierzkiewicz-Pieniążek

Research director:
Eva Miranda Galceran

Students of TFG and Master:
Robert Cardona
Joaquim Brugués

Tel.: (+34) 93 401 19 99 
Activity type: D2-R-T

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