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The Laboratories

 There are about twenty research groups and labs in the EPSEB. Some of them are:

  • Archive of Architectural Heritage of Catalonia (APAC) created from a collaboration agreement between teaching staff from the School and the Barcelona City Council. Currently the Archive consists of nearly 100 final degree projects studying the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.
  • Building Facilities Lab: Teaching lab with exhibitions of materials and components of plumbing, gas, fire, electricity and heating-air conditioning.
  • Building Lab:
      • In the area of existing buildings: works on pre-diagnosis of large urban areas and study of anomalies at all levels (structural facades, roofs,... in residential buildings and warehouses ...), restoration and rehabilitation projects in priority areas of action, etc.
      • In the field of maintenance: viability studies in the project’s phase, corrective maintenance programs, preventive maintenance programs, maintenance and economic study plans, audits, etc.
      • In the field of quality: analysis, consulting and auditing companies for the certification of ISO 9001:2000 (quality management) and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management).
  • Construction Materials Lab:
    • Materials quality control
    • Pathology and diagnosis processes in existing buildings
    • Pathology for the restoration and conservation of architectural heritage
    • Development and improvement of building materials and construction systems
  • Fire Lab: The fire lab conducts basic and applied research in problems related with fire spreading and the behaviour of materials at high temperatures
  • The Institute of Statistics and Mathematics Applied to the Building Construction of the EPSEB was founded as a university center for research, knowledge transfer, training and services. As a functional unit that is interdepartmental and interdisciplinary, the Institute brings together teachers from various departments of the school with the desire to solve problems in building construction requiring statistical and / or mathematical tools.
  • Photogrammetry Lab: Focused on research in terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry, for cartography and not cartography use.
  • Physics Lab: Evaluation of thermal, acoustic, lighting and interior quality conditions in buildings.
  • Surveying Lab: Teaching lab for mandatory courses as surveying instruments, topography, cartography…
  • The Gaudí group does an important cultural task studying the life’s work from the most important architect of Catalonia.