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Master’s degree in Cartographic and Geographic Engineering

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The studies offer a great opportunity to deepen into the field of digital cartography by opening wider opportunities into our future and they represent a starting up of spatial data infrastructures, which will be regularly used in our environment.



The master’s degree in Cartographic and Geographic Engineering aims to complete the training acquired by all students with an interest in the field of digital cartography. The course allows students to develop in-depth knowledge of theoretical concepts and tools related to geoinformation, including spatial information management, geolocalisation, geoportals, virtual environment development, spatial planning, spatial environmental assessment and natural hazards.

Geoinformation is a strategic discipline with a promising future and offers many areas of specialisation. A growing number of companies are looking for professionals who have the knowledge and skills needed to manage, process and analyse large volumes of geolocated data. As a result, there are many career opportunities for graduates: in companies operating in the field of spatial information and geoservices, consultancies, engineering firms, public bodies and research centres.


Academic Coordinator:

Mr Felipe Buill Pozuelo (