Fire Laboratory

The Fire Laboratory has in its objectives the formation of the students and the development of the research lines in the ambits of the fire behavior of the construction materials and the propagation of the fire in the buildings.

In the Laboratory are developed projects in two differenced lines::

    • The reaction to fire of the materials and products.
    • Studies of propagation of fire in buildings by a computational software of simulation.

One of the objectives of the Laboratory is the approaching of the theory to the practice with essays where the students can see and participate directly in the development of this process. Also the management of final degree projects that allow the student to participate in any of the lines of investigation of the laboratory, immersing itself by this way in the world of the scientific research.

Research director: Laia Haurie Ibarra
Tel.: (+34) 93 401 64 93 / 93 401 68 16 
Activity type: D1-D2-R-T