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The city


During your stay in Barcelona, you can combine the teaching time with visits to the great city of Barcelona. You can go to so many places!

Barcelona is a two thousand-year-old city. Its whole past is projected into its present; in its buildings and streets the story of its growth from ancient times is clearly written. It is the essential maritime capital of merchants and sailors. In short, it is a Mediterranean city.

Its unrivalled location and beauty are matched by the friendliness of its people. Its tradition of initiative, hard work and creativity is the product of the repeated influxes of foreign blood that are the essence of all cosmopolitan, hospitable, open-minded cities, and these factors also account for the vitality of its population and for its rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Barcelona now enjoys a position as a premiere tourism destination; a paradigmatic city full of the type of possibilities that can be offered by people who have known how to blend a long and solid traditional lifestyle with the dynamism and capacity for carrying out a series of extraordinary modernisation projects. The city seized the opportunity of the 1992 Olympic Games to carry out widespread renewal. Since then, Barcelona has continued to ascend and is on its way to becoming the main logistical centre in southern Europe, and one of the great cultural poles of the Mediterranean.

Here you can find information about the city:

You can look for the different thematic routes, from the Roman Route to the Contemporary Route.

Moreover, in Barcelona you can visit a unique collection of Buildings protected by UNESCO.