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Taking two degrees simultaneously

Preliminary information

Students who wish to take two degrees simultaneously, that is, who are taking one degree and wish to start another without abandoning the first, must apply to do so.

To take the second degree, they must get a place through the university pre-enrolment process.

They will also need the express authorisation of the director of the receiving school to take the degree at the same time as the one they are already taking.


Depending on whether you are already taking a degree at the EPSEB and you wish to take another degree at another school or university or vice versa, there are different application procedures. Therefore:

  • If you are already studying at the EPSEB, you must inform the academic secretary that you do not wish your academic record to be closed and that you wish to take another degree at the same time.
You must submit your application with the document that proves that you have been admitted to another school or university and pay the corresponding fee, if applicable.

  • If you are taking a degree at another school or university and you wish to start a degree at the EPSEB, you will need the authorisation of the director of the EPSEB. To do so, you must submit a filled-in and signed application form to the EPSEB's academic secretary.
Once it has been accepted, you must apply to be able to take two degrees at the same time at the school at which you are already studying. You must be able to prove that this authorisation has been granted to be able to enrol.