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Modifying your personal details

Preliminary information


Students must ensure, from the moment they enrol for the first time and particularly when they apply for their degree certificate, that the personal details in their academic records are correct and up to date.

If your details change, you must apply to have them modified in your academic record.


The application can be made in two ways, depending on whether:

    • You have access to the e-Secretaria: go to the section Other procedures.
    • You do not have access to the e-Secretaria: fill in the form "Application to modify personal details" (the link is on this page) and hand it in at the academic secretary's office.

    In both cases, a copy of the document must be handed in at the academic secretary's office if the changes involve any of the following:
      • Your identity document number
      • Your first name and surnames



    You must check that the details have been changed correctly a few days after submitting your application.