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Admission to master's degree in Occupational Health and Safety

Below you will find all of the information on admission to the master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety.



Compulsory documents that you must upload to the pre-enrolment application for your admission to be considered:

    • DNI or passport
    • Academic record that includes the final mark for the degree* (transcript, syllabus, etc.)
    • Degree certificate
    • Spanish level B2 in the case of non-Spanish speaking candidates

(*) You must request the equivalence of your mark in the Spanish education system by following this link. You must attach the resulting document when you submit your academic transcript in the pre-enrolment application. .

Admission criteria and weight given to each aspect of an application

The specific requirements for admission to the master's degree are decided by the academic committee of the master's degree and they aim to ensure equal opportunities in admission for students who are sufficiently qualified. In any event, the aspects that will be taken into account are the following:

    • Academic record (75%)
    • Correspondence between the competencies of the degree and those of the master's degree (25%)

Entrance qualifications

Given its interdisciplinary nature, the master's degree is open to applicants from a variety of backgrounds who have undergraduate degrees in any of the areas of knowledge. Bridging courses may be set depending on applicants' entrance qualifications.

The following entrance qualifications do not require bridging courses to be taken:

    • Degrees in Architecture, Engineering and Basic Sciences

The following entrance qualifications require bridging courses to be taken:

    • Degrees in Social and Health Sciences may require applicants to take up to 15 ECTS credits in bridging courses. Once the academic committee of the master's degree has reviewed applicants' academic records, it will set bridging courses in mathematics and basic sciences

These bridging courses aim to complete applicants' knowledge so that they can take the master's degree. They are taught during the first semester of the master's degree.

If bridging courses are taken, they will not be considered part of the master's degree curriculum but will be subject to the fees for master's degree credits.


How to pre-enrol

To pre-enrol in the master's degree, you must use the University's pre-enrolment application and pay €30.

Once your application has been checked and accepted, you will receive an e-mail to this effect. Your acceptance is provisional and subject to the payment of €300 in advance of enrolment fees before the corresponding deadline. Once you have paid this fee, a place is allocated to you definitively.

If you enrol, this fee will be discounted from your enrolment fees. If you do not enrol, this fee will not be refunded.


Calendar for the allocation of places

    • 20 places will be allocated in March.
    • 15 places will be allocated in May.
    • The remaining places will be allocated in June.

This information will be published on the School's website.



Enrolment will take place in set periods, which will be announced in the Enrolment section of the School's website from the month of June onwards.

You must enrol in person and submit the original and a photocopy of all of the required documents, which must have been legalised, if necessary.