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Slovenskà Technicka Univerzita V Bratislave (Bratislava)

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as "STU") is a modern educational and scientific institution. Since its foundation in the year 1937 more than 145.000 students have graduated. In average, 17.000 students study at the STU every year.

At present, the STU consists of seven faculties based in Bratislava and Trnava. All the faculties provide a study in accredited study programmes within the complex system of a bachelor, master and PhD. study. Faculties realise credit system compatible with the European credit transfer system enabling mutual mobility of students within European Union member countries and a larger European space. In the area of scientific and research activities the STU successfully joints European Union programmes.

STU is a public university and offers education mainly in technical, technological, technical-economical, technical-information and technical-artistic fields of study using the modern methods of education, laboratories and practical training. It is aimed at the study branches with stable opportunities of students' employment at the labour market.

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